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Light panels

Factory EViRO continually strives to implement good ideas. This time a new development is LIGHT 3D PLASTER PANELS

New light 3d plaster panel by factory EViRO is a gypsum panel in combination with light lines, giving the panel an inner glow.

Gypsum panel with large undulating forms will impress with its strictness and at the same time, tenderness and versatility. Combined with led light can show itself in all its glory.

Length: 1000 mm

Width: 200 mm

Thickness: max 80mm

Weight: 5.5 kg

Thanks to light of 3d Gypsum panels, the walls become a source of soft light and unobtrusive atmosphere for any interior. Light can be controlled using the system remote control to change the light intensity according to Your mood or the time of day. The choice of cold and warm lights sets the mood and atmosphere in the interior. You can also set the motion sensors and the light will react at the approach or set the ribbon controller, which is connected to the background music that will create a unique light design, will be an integral part of any holiday, romantic evenings, and parties.

Hidden led lighting follows the contour and gives the opportunity to highlight fascinating 3D relief panels, giving them an unexpected depth, the effect of "floating walls".

Light 3d Gypsum panel by factory Eviro selects the layout option. The pattern chosen from the ranks of the panels have offset relative to each other. You can use the options of the masonry by factory Eviro and create your own unique version of the scenario.

The range of use of light Gypsum panels by the factory Eviro is practically unlimited. Their use will become a win-win option for private interior design or public space, for wall or ceiling area.

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